Jesus Birthday Cakes

Unique Christmas Cake

Recipe adapted from Canadian Lutheran Ladies Family Favorites Cookbook


• White cake mix
• Pink cake mix
• Yellow cake mix
• Chocolate cake mix
• White icing
• Green gumdrops • Toasted coconut
• Small baby dolls
• Votive or tea light candles
• Tube of decorating gel (for writing on cake)
• Margarine containers


1. Make one of each type of cake for each child. (Easy bake pans are ideal.)

2. Wrap baby dolls in a scrap of material to look like swaddling clothes.

3. Have children build finished cake on inside of margarine container lid.


4. Today we are going to make a birthday cake for Jesus. Here is a white cake, a pink cake, a yellow cake,and a chocolate cake. These cakes symbolize the different colors of God's people. Over the cake and between the layers goes a fluffy white icing to show how God's love binds all God's creatures to each other and to Him. Around the edge goes a wreath of green gumdrops. In the center we will make a manger bed for baby Jesus with toasted coconut to look like straw in a manger.

Then we will write Happy Birthday Jesus to celebrate His birthday. Here is a candle. We don't put the candle on the cake because God has no age to be counted. but we have it near to remind us that Christ is the Light of the world!

5. All sing Happy Birthday dear Jesus with candles lit. Send cakes home in upside down margarine containers as cake holders.

Bake a Birthday Cake for Jesus


1 chocolate cake mix
1 white cake mix
white frosting
yellow, red, and green liquid food coloring
3 round cake pans, 8 or 9 inches
large red candle taper
box of small birthday candles
red and yellow piping gel
plastic Christmas decorations (optional)

Mix and bake chocolate cake mix according to box directions. Cool & flip out both. Wrap 1 chocolate layer and freeze for later use.

Mix white cake according to box directions. Divide batter in half. Add several drops of red food coloring to the first half and mix; pour in cake pan. Add green food coloring to the other half of the batter and stir; pour in cake pan. Bake, cool, and pop out. Stack the chocolate layer first and frost with white frosting. Add the red layer next, frost, and finish with the green layer. Frost whole cake with white frosting.

Decorating Jesus Birthday Cake

Red & yellow food coloring or plastic decorations or stencils & red and yellow piping gel

Cake is round = because Jesus was born into a world that is round.

1st layer of cake = is brown for our sins.
2nd layer = is red for Jesus' blood shed for our sins.
3rd layer = is green for life = ours in our new heart.
Frosting is white = stands for Jesus' purity & righteousness.

Border of Hearts around cake sides = represents each one of us standing as witnesses for Jesus around the world.

Gold Star in middle of cake top = star of Bethlehem = led wise men to Jesus. Star is 6 pointed =Star of David = Jewish nation in which Jesus is born.

Yellow border around Star = Grace of God encircles us.

Big Red candle in middle of star of David is Jesus.

Light candle then read Christmas story out of Bible. Light each person's small candles out of Jesus' candle & carefully stick in cake. Let our lights shine before men! Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Take photographs for scrapbooks.

~The Rush'd Lady

A Birthday Cake For Jesus

Contributed by Leslie Ratliff

Many families and churches emphasize the meaning of Christmas by havinga birthday party for Jesus, often complete with a birthday cake. Why not make this celebration even more meaningful with this object lesson that uses the cake to teach the plan of salvation.

Supplies Needed:
• 1 or 2 layer chocolate cake
• white frosting
• angel figurine or sugar cookie
• 12 red candles
• star
• plastic evergreens

(Opt. You may also want to have each child create their own birthday cake by providing small round cakes for the children to assemble and decorate themselves.)

1. Begin by talking about birthdays, what they mean and why we celebrate them.

2. Tell the story of Jesus’ birth either in your own words or with a story book. For older children have them read it from the Bible (Luke 1-2).

3. Now share with your children why Jesus came as you assemble and decorate your birthday cake.

Round Cake – The shape of the cake is round with no end, showing that God’s love is never ending. He loved us so much that he sent his only Son to die for our sins (John 3:16).

Dark Cake - Before knowing Jesus, our hearts are like this dark cake, and we couldn’t get into heaven with our hearts so full of sin (Romans 3:23).

White frosting – (While frosting the cake, talk about the meaning of the white frosting.) God did a wonderful thing when he sent his Son, Jesus, to die for our sins. Now all the darkness is covered up, and Jesus washes our sins white as snow. We are pure white in the sight of God. When we ask Jesus to forgive all the bad things we’ve done, we are white like this frosting (Romans 6:23).

Angel Decoration – (Place the angel decoration on the cake or have a child do it.) The angel reminds us of the good tidings that were brought to the shepherds that night. It also reminds us of the good tidings, or good news, that we can bring to others (Luke 2:10).

Star – (Place the star decoration on the cake or have a child do it.) The star reminds us of the star in Bethlehem and how the Wisemen followed it and worshiped the Lord Jesus. It reminds us that we should worship and follow Him everyday. We can do this by praying, reading our Bibles, and going to church.

12 Red Candles – (Place the candles on the cake.) The red color reminds us of Jesus’ blood that was shed for the forgiveness of our sins. Because He died and rose again, we can have eternal life and go to heaven if we believe (Romans 5:8).

Light the Candles – ( As you light the candles, say…) Jesus can shine in our hearts if we just ask Him to be our Savior. The 12 candles remind us to let His light shine every monthof the year, not just at Christmas time (Matthew 5:16).

Evergreens – (Place evergreens around the cake.) Evergreens around the cake remind us of something living and growing. If we have accepted Jesus into our hearts, we are going to grow and get to know Him more. How can we grow to know Him better? By praying, going to church, reading our Bibles, and sharing Him with others—(John 15:5 or 2 Peter 3:18).

Optional: Invitation – Ask if there is anyone who has not ask Jesus into their life and if they would like to know how to make him their Savior and Lord of their life. Craft Ideas (Contributed by Brenda Carpenter) Shining Stars During this craft time the children will be making shining stars to represent the star shining over the stable

• Star cut out of hard card stock
• Glue
• Glitter
• String

Help children smear glue on their stars and sprinkle glitter over them to make them bright and shiny. When the stars are dry, hang them in an area that will help the children remember what God did that wonderful night.

Angels Among Us In this craft activity the children will be making angels to show the multitude that came and spoke to the shepherds about the birth of Jesus.

• Small Styrofoam balls (one per child)
• Different colors of construction paper to form as a "cone"
• Paper "wings" to glue to the back of the cone
• Yellow Pipe Cleaners
• Glue /Stapler/Tape
• Scissors
• Craft Sticks
• Markers

Have the construction paper already pre-cut so the child can roll it and staple together to make a cone shape. This will be used for the body. Cut off the tip of the cone big enough to place the Styrofoam ball on top for the head. To attach the head, insert a craft stick in the ball and place the ball on top of the body. Then tape the stick to the underside of the body to secure in place.

At this time you should have the body and head put together. The children will need to cut out the wings and glue them on the back of the bodies and use the markers to make their faces. To complete the angel, add a halo made from the yellow pipe cleaner. We receive gifts at Christmas to remind us that God gave us “The Best Gift” of all—His Son Jesus. Play this song and sing it with your children. Remind them that the best gift we can give to Jesus is ourselves.